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By Jeanine McLeod

Don’t Blink

Capturing Your Child’s Story Through Portraits

Learn what really goes on in a professional portrait session. Written with warmth and humor, Don’t Blink offers parents clear advice on how to prepare for portraits at home or in a studio for children at any age.

In this book, Jeanine McLeod will reveal:

  • Practical tools for photographing your children, family, and even your pets!
  • The single, most effective approach to take when photographing kids (hint: it’s about them.)
  • How to photograph kids of all ages in a way that’s fun for them—and you.

At the end of this book you will have a greater understanding of the value of portraits to a family legacy. The goal is for parents to have a roadmap on how to document their child’s journey from birth to high school graduation in professional portraits.

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“As parents, time is our enemy.

From the moment we give birth to our first child,

the clock is ticking on when they will leave home

and begin their own journey.”

Award Winning Photographer

Jeanine McLeod

Jeanine McLeod is an award winning children’s portrait photographer and owner of Cloud 9 Studios in Tampa, Florida. Over the past 15 years she has worked with thousands of families to create storytelling portraits of their children. During this time she has perfected techniques for photographing each age and stage of a child as well as how to properly help a parent prepare for their portraits. She sat down to write her first book, Don’t Blink, to help parents not only understand the importance of portraits but also have a handbook full of stories and tips to prepare for their own child’s pictures. Every child has a unique story worth telling through photography.

Jeanine McLeod has written a must-read goldmine for those passionate about capturing the story of childhood through photography. Read this book and learn from one of the best.

Kimberly Wilson

Author & Director at Lutz Learning Center

I’ve worked with Jeanine for over 15 years as she was my photographer for my Regional Parenting Magazine.  She also contributed articles and appeared on our NBC TV segments as our resident family photographer expert.  Jeanine really knows how to capture the right moment and she’s even better at helping you do it also.

Angela Ardolino

“Don’t Blink” is a must read for any parent looking for tips on photographing their children. Jeanine has the unique combination of being a mom, professional photographer and mechanical engineer. She is so passionate about photography and her enthusiasm is contagious! This book will be my new baby gift for expecting parents!

Robin Gross

Owner, GNP Frame

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